Uptown Grow Labs’ The Kitchen

Novice Rating: ★★ (3 stars) - Great photos to drool over.  Some great information for some of the great names in medical cannabis strains.

Veteran Rating: ★★★ (3 stars) - If you are already a grower, this may not be anything new to you, but the photos are gorgeous.  Inspiration for your own glamour shots.

I had to throw this book into the reviews, even though it is not technically a grow manual or cannabis botany book.  As a result, it suffers ratings it does not deserve since it is not aimed at Novice or Veteran growers, but a book for all cannabis lovers.  This is a “must have” book if you are a Cannabis Afficionado.

For all intents and purposes, this is a coffee table book.

While it can give a novice some great insight into growing, that is not the purpose of the book.  It has amazing glamour photos of professionally grown and pampered cannabis.

Several interesting stories like the kind that are shared around the trimming table when you’re helping a fellow grower/friend with a crop to pass the time are included.  A bit of tribal lore for the isolated grower.

Did I mention the pictures?

If a picture is worth a thousand words, these glamour shots are each a full soliloquy.  An ode to well grown and cared for plants.

(Note add 8/23/2014 - The book sat on the coffee table for some parties and it garnered a great deal of attention and is a great focal point and discussion starter.  Highly recommended.)

Unlike the other books provided in the reviews section, you can only get this book directly from Uptown Grow Labs.

Pictures of the interior are available on their website.


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